Saturday, June 4, 2011

Raising the Bar

Through personal experience I have found that the most effective goals are those designed to have a clear end in sight, challenging to achieve, and built in accountability to keep me focused along the way. With this in mind, I have set a list of goals to work towards over the next four months. Each of my goals will be a stepping stone in preparing for the November Parelli Fast Track program. These goals are very important to me because the more prepared I am coming into the Fast Track, the more I will be setting myself up for long term career success. As far as accountability goes, I invite those following my blog, as well as close friends and family, to keep me in check by asking about my progress along the way. I am extremely excited to work towards these ambitious goals (particularly earning my level 3 green string) and I will make sure to get it done with a little fun : ) 

Short Term Goals
1.      1. Finalize my resume and cover letter (June 12)

2.      2. Submit application for October-November 2011 Fast Track (June 30)
·         Video portion (June 24)
·         Written portion (June 12)

3.      3. Earn my Level 3 Green string with Vanilla! (October before Fast Track)
·         Online official assessment (July 15)
·         Freestyle official assessment (August 26)
·         Liberty official assessment (September 23)

4.      4. Purchase some key pieces of equipment (To have by the Fast Track)
·         45' line
·         Wade saddle
·         Confidence snaffle

5. Begin and complete the entire P90X exercise program before the Fast Track program  

The next 4 months are going to be packed with adventure, challenges, fun, and progress! Please feel free to ask me about how I'm coming along in any part of my journey. I'll be sure to write about, and celebrate, any of the goals I have accomplished along the way. For now I will be using calendars and notes to keep track of what I have done. I will also be watching other Parelli students and professionals to take note of what I am aiming for in terms of quality and skills in my horsemanship technique.

To those following my blog, thank you so much for your encouraging words! And a special thank you to Toby for supporting me so much through the entire process. This blog would not be nearly as beautiful if it was not for his photography, video, and technical ability. Check out his blog to see more of his amazing work!  There will be more of his lovely photos, and more of my progress on next week's blog as well. Be sure to stay tuned. 

Keep it Natural,

Lianne Joy


  1. Good luck Lianne! I'm very impressed. Good luck with P90X! I've done P90 before and probably need to start it up again :D This last photo is just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! I'm impressed and can't wait to see you training in person!

  3. What a stunning pictures! Gorgeous! Good luck on your journey. Savvy on!